Meet Our Staff

Meet the Northfield Academy Staff

“Small but Mighty!”

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LuEmma McWilliams, Northfield Coordinator

LuEmma McWilliams is always ready to help students develop into successful young adults that are ready to meet the challenges after graduation with determination to succeed. Every student is considered her child, and she goes well beyond normal expectations of parents to help everyone receive the Tennessee diploma with great joy and pride.


Mrs. Jo Huffman, Science first and then whatever you need

Mrs. Huffman is a fighter for the students. She is ready to help students in any way that she can, even if it means she must drag out the other subject books and learn so she can teach it to needful students. You will not find a teacher anywhere that pushes harder for student success.


Mrs. Renae Moore, English and Social Studies

Mrs. Moore accepts the challenges of teaching students to glean from their reading and then mesh thoughts, historical facts, and writing purposes on paper. 


Mr. Bill Riley, Math

Mr. Bill Riley knows his math—all levels! Whatever math question that anyone has, he can answer it or he will work until he finds the answer! 


Mr. Tracy Allred, Credit Recovery

The master all being of time, space and dimension!